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Amazing brushes for 3DCoat

Rygaard Brushes

Here will be the official post about Rygaard Brushes.
Therefore, in this space you will be able to follow the latest news and all updates available in one place.

Amazing Rygaard Brushes

News Date: September 27, 2022

Just at this moment, Rygaard Creations is focusing on the development of the Rygaard Brushes pack.

Apologies for the delay, but this happened because the entire structure of Rygaard Creations was completely prioritized so that all of you could have access to all the amazing things that are going to happen, and then the sharing of knowledge with the free course was prioritized: Learn 3DCoat: Mastering All About Amazing Customizations and Settings.

So Rygaard Brushes will not just be a simple brush pack that people can purchase, but it will be a complete quality project involving over 43 brushes for 3DCoat.

This project will have:

  • Icons for each brush.
  • Organization in groups according to the behavior of the brush and at the same time facilitating the usability of the user.
  • Full written documentation will be included.
  • Demo videos for the respective brushes.
  • And other things…


  • Kargall le Fou
    November 22, 2022 at 7:38 am

    Interested in this

    Bravo for your work!

  • Emma
    December 5, 2022 at 8:07 pm

    Really enjoyed your tutorials,looking forward to more.

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